Quotes From Our Clients & Candidates

“I also wanted to thank you for bringing forth really nice candidates. I’ve been pleased with who you have sent over to us”.
– Nancy, Practice Manager, VA

“Dear Toni, Words cannot express my gratitude for your hard work in my recruitment process. I am overjoyed about my new opportunity”.

– Michelle, Radiographer, MD

“So far, everyone has made me feel at home. I told Liz, the assistant director, that when I walked in for the interview it just felt right. I can’t explain.  I was so excited because we just clicked from the start.   Everyone that I have come in contact with says it is the best place to work and they are so good to the employees. Sounds good to me!” 

– Linda, RN, IL

“Again words do not express how grateful I am.  This is my Dream Job!”

– Susan, RN, AZ

“I am really looking forward to starting my new position”! To be honest with you, I have probably applied for 20 jobs in the past 1.5 years…many without getting a phone call and four offers that I turned down. Now I know why…none of those jobs were right for me. Can you believe I ran into the director in the hall and she gave me a hug….omg I have never felt so welcomed at a place of employment! Everyone I have met there is so positive, friendly, and it is immaculate there? I love it!!! And I love that they support a holistic environment for their patients….so necessary and am so excited to be a part of it. And did I tell you that I will be working in the outpatient clinic with the same team and group of patients one week and the following week from home on the phone educating those same patients and helping solve their concerns and questions. Not only holistic but continuity of care focused….I cannot wait…my dream job :)”

-Shannon, PT, AZ

“I was there for my on site interview and just thought this place is too good to be true.  Everyone is too nice.  I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I mentioned this to one of the doctors there and he said, “I know.  I’ve been here 8 years.  I”ve been waiting for that and it still hasn’t happened.”

– Suzanne, RN, IL

“As you know, I have been working with Erica  during my entire Toni Group experience. Erica has been amazing. She has provided me with constant support, easy to follow direction and positive feedback during the entire process. She has always been available for my numerous questions by phone or by email and gets back to me immediately. I could not have done it without her”.

– Jill, RN, IL

“After working with several recruiters, I sincerely felt the need to write something about the Toni Group and about Kristen. Kristen was open, friendly, a true communicator. There for support and advice. This in todays market of recruiters is almost unheard of! I know that her friendly and open approach makes the interviewer feel more at ease and the experience less tense. Thanks Kristen!”

– Natalia, Sales, VA

“I want you to know you have an exceptional employee.  Her willingness to provide her time, and energy put forth on my behalf, with the much-appreciated updates and shared excitement about this position. Her professionalism and dedication are commendable. If the quality of all your employees is an indication of future success, then Toni Group has a very bright future. Again, it has been a pleasure, and for that, I share my appreciation with you”.

– Shalonda, RN, IL